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Incredible national media opportunities for your brand this September

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Autumn is approaching, and with it comes a whole host of new national media opportunities available to brands in a variety of sectors.

The month of September is packed with a wide-range of national events, notable dates, and more, that brands can capitalize on.

With this in mind, Hurst Media has compiled essential Checklists to plan your business goals for September and beyond. This is in the form of exclusive media opportunities not found elsewhere, published exclusively with our media partners The Times, The Guardian and many more.

A feature in any one of these publications can help you to reach target audiences as well as introduce new audiences to your brand, and in the process help you to achieve a host of business goals.

Checklist themes include: Family, Charities, Health & WellbeingHomes & Interiors, The Business Owner’s, Green & EthicalFinancial & LegalRetirement Living and Arts and Antiques.


Family Ties

With schools back open for the start of the new academic year, a new set of challenges have presented themselves to parents and guardian nationwide. They will be placing an extra emphasis on their children, with regards to their health and wellbeing, their safety, and general everyday needs.

This makes a feature in a Family Checklist ideal for brands in a wide range of sectors. To ensure a smooth transition from home to school life, parents will be sourcing brands to benefit the whole family.

These range from tasty and healthy food and drink options for lunch boxes and after school meals, fashion essentials, health supplements, family finance options to help those with the cost of living crisis. Family-friendly travel destinations will also be on the agenda for those looking for a quick last-minute getaway.

The marked increase of cost of living increase means families who will be tightening the proverbial purse strings will also be sourcing personal finance options, to determine which brands can help to stretch their income in the winter and beyond.


Green Fingers

One glance at the major news items in recent months lays bare the severity of the climate crisis facing the planet. Wildfires across central and southern Europe, extensive droughts in the UK and beyond brings home the fact to many that drastic change is needed.

This has seen extra added scrutiny and exposure placed on organisations, big and small, to determine their green and ethical ethos, with the public keen to see their money go towards brands who are also actively tackling issues the environmental issues of today.

The Green and Ethical Checklist features a selection of brands, products and services, that includes everything from beauty products, sustainable clothing, ethically produced food and more. The Checklist serves as an essential guide to aid readers in leading a more ecologically aware lifestyle.


Come Fly With Me

Family-friendly travel destinations will be on the agenda for individuals looking for a quick last-minute getaway. This could be a holiday to a far-flung corner of the world, or a cosy UK staycation. Many of these consumers will be keen to try new experiences and will seek Travel Checklists for much-needed inspiration when planning a getaway.

The Travel Checklist helps massively in the planning process, through highlighting holiday destinations, accommodations, and tourist attractions, and much more.

The Yachting and Boating Checklist is a guide for readers who are looking for new and exciting ways to travel and explore. The feature showcases a range of exciting products and services, ranging from boating and sailing holidays, short breaks, exhibitions & outings, water sports/ activities, rental boats, and more.



A wide variety of awareness events occur in September, with these pushed by charitable trusts and organisations.

An extra emphasis is therefore placed on fundraising, with charity members fundraising in a variety of ways to support causes close to their heart.

Featuring in national media; in a Charities Checklist; is a great avenue to reach potential donors who are seeking information on charitable giving, fundraising ideas and the different ways that they can make a difference to those in need.


Health & Wellbeing

Autumn presents a range of new challenges, not least to the health and wellbeing of the millions of individuals. Their health is affected by the unpredictable UK climate, coupled with a drop in temperature, amongst other factors.

Many health awareness days and weeks take place in September, with a major focus placed on people’s physical as well as their mental health.

This makes it an ideal time for health-centric brands to feature in a Health & Wellbeing Checklist.

Audiences will be actively looking to September’s national media features to source trusted brands that can help them care for, maintain, and in many cases actively improve their overall health.  These consumers will not only be sourcing health brands for themselves but for their loved ones also.


Home Sweet Home

For many in the UK, now is the time that they are with the old and in with the new. As winter approaches and the colder weather hits, consumers will be looking to carry out a number of interior renovations to maximise the enjoyment and comfort of the increased time spent indoors.

Audiences will spare no expense to invest and improve their homes, and will be actively sourcing trusted brands, products, and services to assist. The Homes and Interiors Checklist is filled with brands that inspire readers to increase the value of their homes through the power of home improvements.

Brands whose product ranges feature home accessories, gadgets, interior design ideas, and more, will also want to look at the many benefits of a national media feature.


How to be featured

These themes will feature in the following newspapers and magazines: The TimesThe Sunday Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Observer, Mail On Sunday, The i, The Metro, and The Evening Standard, New Scientist, Saturday Guardian Magazine, and The Sunday Times Magazine.

Hurst Media is also partnering with several of the UK’s largest digital news sites including The Times Online and MailOnline.

To see your company featured in national media, in one of the many trusted media features Hurst is arranging, call 020 3478 6017 or email sales@hurstmediacompany.co.uk





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