Meet the team

James Hurst

Managing Director

Wes Stanton

Publishing Director

Sarah Robinson

Finance Manager

Georgia Sims

Accounts Manager

Onitha Antoine

Accounts Assistant

Amie Thomas

Executive Assistant

Monique Khaira


James Taylor

Media Operations Manager

Neil Bhullar

Media Sales Manager

Anthony Wynne

Business Development Consultant

Daniel Barton

Business Development Consultant

Joseph McLaven

Business Development Consultant

Oscar Bishop

Media Consultant

Chris De La Prida

Media Sales Consultant

Jon Stone

Media Sales Consultant

Rob Williams

Media Sales Consultant

Connor Fletcher

Media Sales Executive

Daisy Heyes

Media Sales Executive

Hannah Morgan

Media Sales Executive

Sean Thomas

Media Sales Executive

Nichola Halle

Media Sales Executive

Maddie Black

Media Sales Executive

Stefanie Ward

Senior Designer & Production Manager

Sarah Somerton-Jones

Designer & Content Marketing Coordinator

Katherina Bradshaw

Design & Production Assistant

Chris Haddon


Laura Forsyth

Staff Writer

Claire Muffett-Reece

Editor of Celebrity Secrets

Katie Stephenson

Marketing Manager

Tia Hurst

Social Media Manager

Brian Ahearne

Strategic Counsel


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