What Is Trusted Media?

Hurst Media has defined and developed a new approach to media planning and buying which it has termed “trusted media”.

Trusted media strategies place brands, products and content within the pages of the UK’s most reputable media titles, as well as the online platforms of celebrities, influencers and household names. These are the media that help consumers to make up their mind because they’re relied on for facts and advice.

Across three major studies into the level of trust consumers have in the media, the same media titles keep arising. Ofcom, the Pew Research Institute, and the Reuters Institute all cite national news brands such as The Guardian, The Times and the Daily Mail, as well as BBC and ITV news as the UK’s most trusted media.

The sustained hype around social media and online content marketing means it’s often a surprise to marketers that magazines, broadcast media and print newspapers are the most trusted media formats and have the most impact on consumers.

The Reuters Institute of the University of Oxford says readers are increasingly migrating to what it calls “more reputable news sources” often because they are worried about distinguishing between what is real and fake on the internet.

When brands tell their story from within the authoritative editorial environments of trusted media titles – like national newspapers and magazines or the social media profiles of experts, celebrities, household names and influencers – they have far higher impact with their target readerships.

By working in partnership with both trusted media and brands, Hurst identifies the timely needs and interests of tightly-defined nationwide audiences. Readers get the advice and recommendations they want at the optimum time. Brands get the widest possible relevant readership for a sustainable price. Advertisers don’t even need to supply print ready advertising copy. They can simply provide the marketing messages which Hurst Media’s creative and editorial team will purpose for the relevant publication.

To deliver its trusted media strategies, Hurst maintains deep partnerships with The Times, Guardian, Daily Mail, MailOnline, Telegraph, Mirror, Observer, Metro, Express, London Evening Standard, The Sun and OK! Magazine. All of these media titles are including promotional content published by Hurst Media within their publications, most often as double-page spreads of theme-specific content curated from brands.

These high-quality promotional features provide extra depth to each media title’s feature pages and sections, rewarding readers with a surprise, a bonus and additional value.

OK! distributes Hurst’s flagship consumer lifestyle magazine – Celebrity Secrets – in its bumper packs. Hurst is also working with a raft of celebrities, influencers and household names through its Celebrity Endorsements service.

Brands can currently seize Hurst’s trusted media opportunities in the following verticals:

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