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Competitions generate high-quality GDPR compliant email marketing data. Clients can use this data to promote their brand, products and services to expressly interested, engaged consumers long after their initial campaign has ended.

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Competitions build a buzz around products and brands…

All competitions are hosted on the dedicated WIN competitions page of Checklist’s website. They are promoted on several platforms, including Hurst Media social channels and through email marketing, to highly engaged consumers based on their interests. As well as the opportunity to win something for free, competitions add an element of play to consumers’ media experience. Products and services offered as prizes attain a higher perceived value than those simply advertised for sale, and can be fantastic medium for new and established companies looking to establish an identity and generate buzz.

Why Run A Competition?

Hosting a competition has numerous benefits. It can help companies achieve and surpass business goals, including growing subscriber lists and generating quality leads. It is a great way to build brand awareness and with the data collected, is an avenue to better understand your target audience. Not to mention, the benefits don’t stop once the competition has ended. A carefully crafted post-competition offer is a great way to convert entrants to purchases.

Every company has a prize they can offer prospective customers, whether products, services, cash prizes, vouchers or more. The competitions page of Checklist’s website are packed with amazing competitions and prizes, from trusted brands, sure to provide inspiration. Contact us now for a free competitions consultation, which will advise you on the best prize, publications and online platforms to appeal to your target audience.

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Our competitions are run in partnership with trusted media, such as national newspapers and the UK’s most influential digital news sites. They appear within feature articles of short-form advertorial content that match the theme of the advertiser, product or prize on offer. These articles are published as double-page spreads in the mainbody of print media or in the most popular sections of online media. They can even be promoted by our celebrity and social media partners. Competitions attract far more entrants when they appear amongst content covering issues, advice and recommendations similar to the prize on offer.

To place a competition in trusted media, including national newspapers, magazines and influential online platforms please contact us on 0203 478 6017 or email:

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