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Consumer Opportunities for Brands This Summer

The arrival of summer has aligned beautifully with warmer temperatures, and with it, an easing of national lockdown restrictions. This means many of us will look to spend more time outdoors, soaking up the sun and travelling to see friends and family.

The hosting of picnics and barbeques and other social gatherings, the reopening of eateries and many tourist attractions, as well as major high-profile events, including the Euro 2020 football tournament, Olympics, Test Match cricket and a variety of music festivals, means a very busy and exciting summer is in store.

The increased activity will signal an increase in consumer spending, and with this in mind, a number of sectors will see an in-demand consumer appeal for brands featured in the following checklists: Food & Drink, Homes and Gardens, Travel, Camping and Outdoors, who source those respective brands and products.



The summer months are when the British public look to bask in and take advantage of the warmer temperatures. Typically, that will involve an increased amount of time spent outdoors, travelling, visiting tourist attractions and participating in a wide variety of fun and interesting activities.

Many consumers will look to  travel and try new experiences and will look to Checklists when planning day trips, long weekends and summer retreats, to help in identifying the most fun and entertaining activities for themselves, partners and family. The Travel Checklists take much of the stress and time out of the planning, by highlighting some of the best holiday destinations, accommodations, tourist attractions and spa breaks. Being out and about for a prolonged period also means packing a variety of food, drinks and snacks to keep those little ones nourished. For parents eager to pack treats that are healthy, nutritious without compromising on flavour, the Food & Drink Checklist is your one stop shop.



With many countries on the amber list, consumers will instead look to and plan a staycation in the coming months. Opting for holidays closer to home is far from simple, however, and requires thorough planning to ensure it is an enjoyable and pleasurable experience. You’ll want the right kit to upgrade your experience and ensure the best time possible – no matter the destination. From books and kindles, suitable footwear and skincare products, picnic blankets, camping gear, to choosing the right weekend bag, consumers will look to a wide range of checklists to source brands and products to make their staycation as enjoyable as possible.



Entertaining guests? The arrival of summer temperatures, as well as numerous sporting events, means many will be bringing friends and family together. Whilst an extremely enjoyable and fun experience, cooking up a treat that will leave a lasting impression upon guests can be rather stressful.

Audiences of national publications are foodies with a keen eye for alternative cuisine and culinary trends. And when it comes to the food and drink they hope will impress their guests, readers will look to brands featured in Food & Drink Checklists. Whether the wines, spirits or cocktails served, kitchen tech and gadgets to assist in the cooking process, or lighter fluid to kick start barbecues, readers will source Checklists for trustworthy and reputable brands, to help make the event a success.

With an added emphasis on green and ethical produce, for instance 34% of The Times readers are more likely to purchase organic groceries than the national average, audiences will look to purchase from brands that they believe are engaging in greener practices.



Dining out is one aspect of life many of us have sorely missed. Booking a table, the opportunity to catch up and bond, sampling new cuisine, with eateries reopening it is back on the agenda. And whilst dining out is an option once more, the summer months is also period where many will look to take food on the go.

Go to any park and you will see an abundance of picnics, and no road trip or journey is complete without carefully packing a hamper of everybody’s favourite snacks. Relaxing in the sunshine, sipping on alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) beverages whilst tucking into carefully prepared food is on the agenda of many individuals. Food and Drink Checklists help serve as the perfect shop window for readers to view snacks for themselves and their families, that are nutritious and healthy, without compromising on taste, and are a great inclusion in any picnic hamper.



Food & Drink, Homes and Gardens and Travel matters are a constant theme, particularly in summer, with regular checklists featuring the latest brands and products.

These themes will feature in the following National Newspapers:

Daily Mail, Sunday ExpressSunday Mirror, Observer, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Sun, The Metro, The Times

Also featured in the following Magazines: Sunday Times Magazine

Also featured in the Digital News Sites: Mail Online, Sun Online





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