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Win a beautiful new home office by Vitra Worth over £3,800!

Competition Closed

Closing Date: 2021-01-05 00:00:00

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The pandemic has shifted attitudes towards remote working, with many businesses seeing longer-term potential in having a proportion of staff working remotely. 

Employers now have a duty of care to provide the correct equipment, ensuring their employees can work safely at home as they would have in an office environment. 

Curatd. offers a collection of high quality and ergonomic furniture available to individuals and businesses via its online store. A Curatd. home office delivers functionality to match an office environment packaged within beautifully designed products to compliment any home. 

Height-adjustable standing desks are increasingly common in offices due to a developed understanding of the negative effects of sitting for prolonged periods. Such repercussions have never been as noticeable or as prevalent as they are in 2020 – the transition from the office to home has, inevitably, reduced workers’ daily physical activity and movement.

It is fundamental employees and staff alike seek ways to avoid prolonged physical ailments, through the acquisition of modern and well-designed home office furniture.

For more information visit curatdby.com or call 0207 549 5454 to find out more.

This competition has now closed, no more entries.

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