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Cordyceps is known for delivering energy to the muscles. At the 1993 Olympic games, three Chinese runners broke five world records. After mandatory testing took place, no illegal performance-enhancing drugs were found. The only performance booster substance that was found in the athlete’s body was Cordyceps mushroom.

How Cordyceps work:

  • Endurance capacity: A study in 2003 has shown that Cordyceps hot water extracts increase swimming endurance capacity in mice and rats, from 75 to 90 minutes (up by 12.5%), whilst lessening their fatigue at the same time.
  • Increase of resistance to fatigue: Apart from the records achieved by several Chinese athletes in various world competitions thanks to the intake of this mushroom, more clinical trials with mice have shown an increase in resistance to fatigue, up by 73% after having ingested cordyceps for three weeks. This effect is attributed to its content in adenine, which provides additional energy when needed.
  • Increases energy levels (up to 40%): Thanks to its Cordycepin content, it induces an increase in the synthesis and energy consumption in the ATP form.
  • Cordy-Sin Sport is a formula produced by Hifas da Terra laboratory. They specialise in applied biotechnology. Studies have shown that taking Cordyceps improves physical performance, both at amateur and professional level who want to improve their performance.

Ready to reach your goals?

Cordy-Sin Sport is the supplement of choice for elite Irish athletes such as Bralon Talpin, Niall Tuohy and Cathy McCourt among others.

Discover Cordy-Sin Sport by Hifas Da Terra, an exclusive formula made with powder and extracts of Cordyceps. Please visit the website at and enter the code ENERGY15 at the checkout to get an exclusive 15% off plus free delivery on your order. You can call the team directly on 078793 06510 for more information.

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