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The markets offering opportunities for brands this spring

Springtime presents a myriad of opportunities for brands in several sectors.

With this in mind, Hurst Media has compiled essential Checklists to plan your goals for the coming months ahead. These Checklists feature theme-related brands, and effectively reach tightly defined target audiences, who are actively sourcing trusted brands to help them in a world where ones’ day-to-day needs are always changing.

Checklist themes include: Homes & Interiors, Food and Drink, Health and Wellbeing, Green and Ethical, Arts and Antiques, and Travel.



Now is the time to be out with the old and in with the new. This is why consumers will be looking to spruce up their homes and interiors and add items that will add charm and a homely feel, as well as carry out renovations ahead of the arrival of warmer weather.

Audiences will spare no expense to invest and improve their homes, and maximise their enjoyment of day-to-day living, and will be actively sourcing trusted brands, products, and services to assist. The Homes and Interiors Checklist is filled with brands that inspire readers to increase the value of their homes through the power of home improvements. It also showcases a high-quality selection of products and services for the home including furnishings and accessories, gadgets, interior design ideas, and more.



Entertaining guests? The arrival of warmer temperatures, means many will be bringing friends and family together. Many individuals who fancy themselves a dab-hand in the kitchen will be cooking up a storm that will leave a lasting impression on their guests.

Audiences of national publications are foodies with a keen eye for alternative cuisine and culinary trends. And when it comes to the food and drink they hope will impress their guests, readers will look to brands featured in Food & Drink Checklists. Whether the wines, spirits or cocktails served, kitchen tech and gadgets to assist in the cooking process, or lighter fluid to kick start barbecues, readers will source Checklists for trustworthy and reputable brands, to help make the event a success.



Staying fit and healthy is very much at the top of many agendas – even more so with the arrival of spring and warmer temperatures. Many in the UK plan more of an emphasis on their health and wellbeing as as they prepare to get ready for the sunshine or holidays abroad. Those same individuals will be actively sourcing industry-trusted and recommended brands’ products to help them maintain their progress.

Consumers are actively in search of trusted health and wellness brands to show their body and health the utmost care. Now is the time to showcase your brand to millions of readers in national media. Health and safety are also still at the forefront of the minds of many. Face coverings, hygiene products and supplements will continue to be essential purchases for social and travel activities.



Spring is a time where much of the British public look to start implementing greener and more ethical practices into their day to day lives. A recent study has also found that the plight of the planet has become more important to the nation while in lockdown, with 75 per cent of people in the UK becoming more concerned about environmental issues.

Beauty products, sustainable clothing, ethically produced food, and other products are heavily scrutinised to determine their eco-friendly nature. To help ease into this transition, consumer research into products, solutions and organisations have, and will continue to rise, with those doing so keen to see their money is going towards brands who are also tackling the environmental issues of today. The Green and Ethical Checklist features a selection of brands, products and services, and serves as an essential guide to aid readers in leading a more ecologically aware lifestyle.



With the easing of travel restrictions, normality is returning to the travel industry. And whether consumers are finally taking that long-awaited holiday abroad or aim to venture closer to home and enjoy a staycation, it is imperative the travel industry needs to be on its toes to catch the eye of consumers planning their next trip.

Many consumers have not yet begun to plan their next trip, and featuring in the Travel Checklist is an opportunity to target audiences who are actively searching for travel inspiration and ideas, and new and exciting ways to explore. The Checklist highlights some of the best holiday destinations, accommodations, tourist attractions as well as holiday-themed products, that would make planning a holiday that much easier.

Although the majority of consumers will be happy travelling, some may still worry that it will come at the expense of their health and wellbeing. Audiences will also be high-quality facemasks, hygiene products and supplements, which have become essential purchases for travel and social activities.



These themes will feature in the following newspapers and magazines: The TimesThe Sunday TimesSunday Times MagazineThe GuardianThe Guardian Weekend Magazine, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Observer, The Sun, Mail On Sunday, Metro, and The Evening Standard.

Hurst Media is also partnering with several of the largest digital news sites including The Times Online and MailOnline

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