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The markets offering brands economic opportunities this August

August presents a plethora of economic and media opportunities for brands in a whole host of sectors, which you can take advantage of today.

Summer is in full swing. This means that much of the public will spend more time outdoors, enjoying the warmer temperatures on fun-filled trips, as well as travelling to see friends and family.

The allure of tourist attractions as well as several major high-profile events should appeal to brands in the travel sector; meanwhile, educational institutions should look to have their media planning up and running, with one eye on the upcoming new school year.

And let’s not forget the hosting of social gatherings and the need for renovations will see many look to spruce up their homes and interiors.

With this in mind, Hurst Media has compiled essential Checklists to plan your business goals for August and beyond. This is in the form of exclusive media opportunities not found elsewhere, with the likes of The Times, The Guardian and many more national media titles. These Checklists feature theme-related brands, and effectively reach tightly defined target audiences, who are actively sourcing trusted brands such as yours.

Checklist themes include: Health and Wellbeing, Education, Countryside, Homes & Interiors, Travel, The Business Owner’s, Green and EthicalMotoringand Arts and Antiques.

Health and wellbeing

Summer’s longer days, sunshine and warmer temperatures tend to help us place more of emphasis on our health. Not to mention the ever-changing climate means consumers will be on the hunt for products, supplements and overall health and fitness advice from trusted brands that they can easily implement into their busy day-to-day lives. These consumers will not only be sourcing health brands for themselves but for their loved ones too.

This makes it an ideal time for health-centric brands to feature in a Health & Wellbeing Checklist. It is a great platform to reach health-conscious readers and help them to make positive changes in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Travel home and away

Consumers nationwide will be looking to book a much-needed getaway, with many aiming for a trip away before the start of the school term. This could be a holiday to a far-flung corner of the world, or a cosy UK staycation. Many of these consumers will be keen to try new experiences and will seek Travel Checklists for much-needed inspiration when planning a getaway.

The Travel Checklist helps massively in the planning process, by highlighting some of the best holiday destinations, accommodations, tourist attractions and historical sites, from quality and trusted brands. A national media placement can also help your brand to reach consumers who you wouldn’t have necessarily considered a part of your target audience.

Thorough planning is required to ensure a getaway of any kind is a stress-free experience. In particular, choosing the right travel accessories is essential to ensure the best time possible. Which is why consumers will also seek suitable footwear and skincare products, picnic blankets, choosing the appropriate suitcase and bags, and much more.


Start of the new school year


With the new school year fast approaching, education institutions nationwide should have, or have started thinking about, putting an effective media strategy in place. A feature in an Education Checklist in a range of national media titles is an extremely effective method of reaching students looking to take the next step in their academic journey.

The Checklist features a selection of schools, universities and more, to help students of all ages make the best and most informed choices available to them. Parents and guardians are also heavily involved in the decision process, and when it is time to consider their child’s next stages, they will look to make a decision based on a number of criteria.

Additionally, it won’t just be schools and universities that will be found in the Education Checklist. A wide range of education and learning options will be actively researched including vocational studies, online learning, tutoring, and more, from individuals keen to learn and develop their skills and abilities in a number of areas.


Off the beaten path

The Great British outdoors offer an abundance of exciting and magical locations to explore, and outdoor activities to pursue. The Countryside Checklist appeals to a very specific audience, consumers who are actively seeking new and exciting ways to experience, and heighten their appreciation for the Great British outdoors, as well as help them prepare for game season.

The Countryside Checklist showcases a high quality selection of products and services to benefit the countryside enthusiast, ranging from country homes and interiors, tailored outdoor clothing and footwear, organic produce, equestrianism, and specialist kit and equipment.


Start your engines

This year’s motoring calendar is bustling with excitement from the word go. August is arguably the cream of the crop – a month jam-packed with exciting and unique motoring festivals, there are several dates that motoring enthusiasts will want to take note of. Notable festivals, such as The Classic at Silverstone, Festival Italia at Brands Hatch and Croft, and more, celebrate the finest in British and European motors.

With motoring on the mouths of many, the Motoring Checklist is a one-stop guide to help audiences discover more about all things motoring. It presents a high-quality selection of products and services to benefit driving enthusiasts. These range from classic car auctions, dealerships, car insurance and leasing options, mechanics and paint jobs, as well the best car festivals and events.


Business owners

Arguably now more than any in recent time, business owners are assessing and scrutinising many aspects of their operations. With a greater emphasis on flexibility and work-life balance, the ultimate goal for business owners of all sizes is to run as smoothly and efficiently operation as possible.

The products and services included in The Business Owner’s Checklist can help make all the difference in an everchanging climate. From increasing profitability and improving business efficiency, adapting and thriving in the current economic climate, to promoting and providing a healthier and happier working environment, Hurst Media has worked with trusted media to bring business owners advice they can trust.

Further down the road, business owners will want to take heed of The Autumn budget. An annual statement made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, it sets out the UK government’s spending plans for the near future, which could include things like spending cuts, tax and business rate changes, and more. It’s likely that certain budgets and adjustments may affect businesses of all sizes, and A feature in the aforementioned checklist can help business owners source brands to help them adapt to any changes that they may face.


How to be featured

These themes will feature in the following newspapers and magazines: The TimesThe Sunday Times, , The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Observer, Mail On Sunday, The i, The Metro, and The Evening Standard, New Scientist, Saturday Guardian Magazine, and The Sunday Times. Magazine.

Hurst Media is also partnering with several of the UK’s largest digital news sites including The Times Online, The Sun Online, and MailOnline.

To see your company in any of the trusted media features Hurst is arranging, call 020 3478 6017 or email sales@hurstmediacompany.co.uk


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