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Supporting Small Businesses – Resolve Payment Issues, Ease Tax Burdens & More

Small businesses suffer when they’re not paid on time; the tax burdens they face – such as business rates and simply paying tax simply to employ people – must be eased; self-employed people need more government help with access to pensions and mortgages; apprenticeships must work for everyone; and the whole UK needs fair access to broadband and mobile connectivity.

These are just some of the key campaigns that the UK’s trusted media partner – Hurst Media – is supporting through its membership of the Federation Of Small Business (FSB), the UK’s largest and most established business membership and campaigning group.

Despite the cliche that “small businesses are the backbone of the economy”, too often small businesses feel crippled by a lack of government support – and never more do entrepreneurs need support than during the recovery from the Covid-19 restrictions.

As a member of the FSB, Hurst Media will contribute to the FSB’s Big Voice surveys, helping the FSB to represent the UK’s 5.8 million small businesses, owner-managers and self-employed at all levels of governments.

As well as the campaigning arm, the FSB also gives practical support to business through:

  • Improving business owners’ skills through free on-demand webinars, training and masterclasses
  • Legal, tax and compliance helplines and documentation;
  • Health, safety and wellbeing consultations for business owners;
  • Small business insurance;
  • Access to financial services including digital funding, digital payment and everyday banking services;
  • Crisis management and cyber attack support.

The FSB can help your business, too. To join up, click here.

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