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Self-care markets offering opportunities for 2021


While it’s impossible to predict what 2021 will hold, it is clear that health, wellness and self-improvement will be at the forefront of everyone’s mind in January.

In fact, Google Search Trends showed a 250% increase in self-care related searches during 2020 with a focus on physical, emotional, social, professional, environmental and financial improvements.

Most certainly with the New Year, consumers will be inspired to rehaul their routine and are preparing to forge new shopping habits to better themselves moving forward after a challenging 2020.

So Hurst Media has identified the highest consumer appeal for a number of sectors, with a strong focus on New Year’s resolutions, health & wellbeing, food & drink and veganism for the beginning of 2021.

Consumers will be looking at areas for growth within their professional, family and home life too, as well as focusing on other areas such as retirement plans, finance, education and ethical endeavours.


The past year has seen the UK adapt to many changes, with health and wellbeing being a major focus that doesn’t look set to end anytime soon.

Heightened feelings of stress, anxiety, changed priorities and a shift in social connectivity has resulted in people taking a closer look at self-care.

Fitness and getting the right nutrients for our body is a major focus, moving into January. This includes a demand for food and drink to support our immune system, boost our mood and reduce environmental impact.


After an indulgent festive period, there will be a desire to look and feel good again for the New Year. ADM finds that 31% of consumers are more conscious now about buying food and drink items tailored to their health, so consumer choices will be more mindful.

Veganism is a popular trend for January, with the month being dedicated to a more ethical lifestyle. Two-thirds of consumers want to have a positive impact on the environment through their everyday activities, which is why 32% are seeking out more sustainable food and drink options in January.


After big spends over the holidays, consumers will be more conscious about where they are spending their hard-earned cash and are putting more thought into their personal finances.

It is becoming more popular to invest in products that can add value to their day-to-day lives including gadgets and entertainment for staying at home.

Keeping the family amused has become a priority with consumer preferences shifting towards e-commerce, online entertainment and digital education.


New career opportunities are also inspired at the start of the year, as workplaces reopen after the holidays. Many will be looking at how to enhance their careers or look at education opportunities.

Plus with more time to reflect over the holidays, many of us have become more mindful of green & ethical issues as well as being inspired to contribute to charities and good causes.


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