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Christmas Advert

Families intend to spend around 25% more than usual on Christmas presents in 2020 according to money.co.uk.

Based on this data, the main reason for over-spending is to spread some cheer and treat loved ones after a rather limp year in lockdown.

Three in 10 will buy more because the pandemic has been so hard on everyone. A further 23% say they have managed to save cash because of Covid-19, so can be more lavish with spending.

Pets are even set to get a more expensive present this Christmas. Last year’s expenditure on animal gifts will rise from £27 to £31 in 2020. It’s not only the run-up to the festive season which is predicted to see a huge spending spree.

The Christmas period itself – already one of the busiest times for online retail – will likely see even more purchases as people stay home connected to their devices.

The most iconic meal of the year

Certain things happen at Christmas without fail. One of which is spending more on food and drink. Another is splurging on premium goods. Alcohol is another item that does well. So retailers can count on seeing the same patterns of behaviour this year.

ShopperVista research confirms that consumers are willing to put more of their attention towards getting the best deals and quality.

UK shoppers are predicted to spend £19bn on food and drink during the festive period. Which represents a 3.9% increase on last year when shoppers spent £18.3bn on their Christmas shop.

The toys that saved lockdown

While indoors spending more time with our loved ones, consumers bought all sorts of games and puzzles to keep the family entertained during the height of the pandemic. The average amount spent on a toy or game has risen from £8.07 to £9.65, NPD data shows.

Last year Brits said they intended to spend an average of £780 on Christmas presents for loved ones. However for 2020, that figure looks set to soar to £965 as the UK looks to splurge even more on their nearest and dearest.

Stand out with Christmas marketing

Christmas marketing is more important than ever to ensure you get noticed by festive shoppers. Even in the midst of a pandemic.

New research from Rakuten revealed that 87% of consumers will still be shopping for Christmas. And more than half (57%) still plan to make a purchase on big shopping days like Black Friday.

Which is why The Times, The Sun, The Guardian, The Observer, The i, Sunday Mirror and Sunday Express have confirmed Christmas Checklist spreads with Hurst Media. Online platforms getting ready for festive native features include Sun Online, MailOnline and DailyMail.com.

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