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New Year Advertising opportunities for your brand

A new year signals the arrival of a whole host of new advertising options in national media. The strong growth that the advertising sector saw in the second half of 2022 is expected to continue into 2023, with the UK’s ad market forecast to grow by a further 3.9% in 2023 to a total of £36.2 billion, according to a study by What’s New in Publishing.

The general public’s trust in advertising has not waned, which is something business owners, marketers, and those in the sales sectors need to take heed of. Print advertising has, and continues to adapt to the modern age – silently making its moves in order to innovate to keep up with the digital world. However, the qualities that made it an effective medium – being trustworthy – has rarely altered.

Digital advertising meanwhile continues to see steady growth; a forecast by the Advertising Association indicates that online advertising’s share of total ad spend is set to grow to a total of 74% for 2022 and is expected to cross the three-quarters threshold (75.2%) in 2023.


Advertising Opportunities

With all the above in mind, Hurst Media is proud to present new and exclusive advertising opportunities. These are opportunities in the form of media placements – in the UK’s largest and most trusted publications – The Times, The Guardian, The Observer, Daily Mail, and many more.

With the print advertising options, as well as the option to feature on digital news sites, including the Times Online, Sun Online, and more, there are advertising opportunities in the coming months that can perfectly align with your brand’s needs and goals.

These Checklists featured below will reach consumers nationwide, many of whom have made an abundance of new year’s resolutions. To help them achieve their goals, these individuals will be actively sourcing brands whose products and services can assist in sticking to these resolutions.

The sectors offering brands exclusive advertising opportunities include:  Travel, Homes & Interiors, Health and Wellbeing, The Business Owner’s, Financial & Legal, Green & Ethical,


Health & Wellbeing

As we enter a new year, individuals will reflect on aspects of their life that they want to focus on and improve upon. Health and wellbeing related new year’s resolutions are among the most common, with many placing more scrutiny on their diet, as well as attempts to increase their level of activity.

The Health & Wellbeing Checklist features a wide selection of health inspired brands – both mental and physical health orientated – to help these health-conscious readers to make positive changes in order to lead a healthier lifestyle – ranging from specialist clinics, beauty and cosmetic treatments, and alternative therapy, to diet and fitness advice and homecare and mobility options.

Consumers are actively in search of trusted health and wellness brands to show their body and health the utmost care. Now is the time to showcase your brand to millions of readers in national media, with health and wellbeing at the forefront of the minds of many.


Green & Ethical 

Looking to do your part for their planet, and becoming more eco-conscious and eco-friendly, is a very common new year’s resolution. This period is often a time where much of the British public look to start implementing greener and more ethical practices into their day-to-day lives.

One glance at the major news items in 2022 laid bare the severity of the climate crisis facing the planet. Combine that with a recent study has also found that the plight of the planet has become more important to the nation while in lockdown, with 75 per cent of the UK population becoming more concerned about environmental issues. Expect to see that number rise in 2023.

The Green and Ethical Checklist features a selection of brands, products and services, and serves as an essential guide to aid readers in leading a more ecologically aware lifestyle. Beauty products, sustainable clothing, ethically produced food, and other products are heavily scrutinised to determine their eco-friendly nature. To help ease into this transition, consumer research into products, solutions and organisations has risen, and will continue to rise, with those doing so keen to see that their money is going towards brands who are also tackling the environmental issues of today.


Home Sweet Home

The coming months are a time when many homeowners spruce up their interiors and carry out home renovations that have long been on the backburner. A common new year’s resolution for many, the goal is to achieve the home they want and to maximise their enjoyment of day-to-day living, whilst others will look to insulate their interiors, amongst other renovations, to lessen their reliance on central heating – an attempt to combat the increase in cost of living.

The Homes and Interiors Checklist is packed with exciting brands that inspire and empower readers to increase the value of their properties. Consumers will be actively sourcing trusted brands, products, and services to assist as they invest heavily in a wide variety of home improvements.

The Checklist also showcases a high-quality selection of products and services for the home including gadgets, interior design ideas, furnishings and accessories, and so much more.


Business Owner’s

Rarely has the nature of the world been so unpredictable, and none more so than in the business world. Business owners nationwide are constantly assessing and scrutinising many aspects of their operations, with the ultimate goal for business owners of all sizes being to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The products and services included in The Business Owner’s Checklist can help make all the difference in an everchanging climate. From increasing profitability, improving business efficiency and streamlining operations to adapting and thriving in the current economic climate, Hurst Media works with trusted media to bring business owners advice they can trust.

In an ever-changing business world, The Business Owner’s Checklist will give these readers a deeper insight, and will serve as a complete guide for everything a business owner needs, featuring brands such as yours to help them thrive in the upcoming year and beyond.



Another common new year’s resolution for many individuals relates to travel – to see more of the world, and broaden their cultural and geographical horizons.

An Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report has painted a very optimistic picture for the tourism and travel industry in 2023. They project global tourism arrivals will increase by 30% in 2023, following growth of 60% in 2022. Furthermore, strong growth is near inevitable in 2023 now that travel restrictions have been lifted in most countries. Globally, EIU expect pent-up demand for travel to drive growth of 30% in international tourism arrivals, taking the figure to 1.6 billion.

With the industry on the road to recovery in a post-pandemic world, a feature in Travel Checklist, in the first quarter of 2023, is a perfect platform to reach readers who will be planning their first getaway of the year, both at home and abroad. The Travel Checklist showcases a selection of products and services to benefit those planning getaways at home and abroad – whilst highlighting some of the best holiday destinations, accommodations, tourist attractions and spa breaks.

How to be featured

These themes will feature in the following publications: The TimesThe Sunday Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Observer, Mail On Sunday, The i, The Metro, and The Evening Standard, New Scientist, Saturday Guardian Magazine, and The Sunday Times Magazine.

Hurst Media is also partnering with several of the UK’s largest digital news sites including the  Times Online,  Sun Online and MailOnline.

To see your company featured in national media, in one of the many trusted media features Hurst is arranging, call 020 3478 6017 or email sales@hurstmediacompany.co.uk

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