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National media advertisement opportunities for your brand this October

A new month is upon us, and with it, the dawn of new advertisement opportunities in national media for your brand to take advantage of.

With this in mind, Hurst Media has compiled essential Checklists, designed to help plan your business goals for the upcoming month. This is in the form of exclusive media opportunities not found elsewhere, published exclusively with our national media partners, including The Times, The Observer and more.

A feature in one of these publications is a great avenue to reach target audiences whilst also introducing new audiences to your brand, and in the process help you to achieve a host of business goals.

The sectors offering brands exclusive advertising opportunities include:  Travel, Arts, Antiques & Collectables, Homes & Interiors, Health and Wellbeing, Motoring, The Business Owner’s, Financial & Legal, Family, Green & Ethical, Education.


Autumn Blues

Each season brings challenges and predictable patterns that can play havoc with our health and wellbeing. For instance, the gradual change from winter to spring can bring with it the onset of hay fever and other spring afflicted ailments.

The current shift from summer to autumn, which has been thrust upon us this year with seemingly no warning, is used by many as a time of preparation for the colder climate and to implement new habits into a daily routine. Autumn is truly a time of change.

Consumers will be looking for tried and tested products, supplements, and treatments to help them adapt to a rapidly changing climate, as well as brands that can cater to their individual health requirements and needs. Physical fitness, diet and nutritional advice will also be on the agenda of many consumers, as they strive to maintain, or in many cases, improve their overall health and wellbeing. The Health and Wellbeing Checklist features brands that can be easily implemented into a daily routine, to help guide you through the coming months.


Antiques Roadshow

Individuals appreciate art in so many different ways. This could be purchasing fine art and décor to adorn the walls of their homes, attending exhibitions, or adding tangible assets to their portfolio.

The Art, Antiques & Collectables Checklist inspires readers to explore new activities and pastimes in the UK’s thriving arts, antiques and collectables market. It showcases a selection of exciting brands, products and services, and will include the best exhibitions, auctions, fairs and period properties, as well as memorabilia, jewellery and much more.

With consumers already starting to feel the pinch of the cost-of-living crisis, there has been an uptake in those investing in tangible assists, as viable long-term investments. Brands whose products dually operate as items to be sold and as investments will want to look at featuring in an Art, Antiques & Collectables Checklist, to reach consumers who are actively researching investment opportunities.


Financial & Legal

Consumers in the UK are worried about their financial standing, and with good reason. With the cost of living already on the rise, and set to do so even further, many have been deeply scrutinising their finances to look for all the ways they can save money. The Financial & Legal Checklist features brands that can offer consumers financial advice, trustworthy advice and tips, and ultimately how they can get the most out of their money, in this time of uncertainty.

There are also several important financial dates to take heed of, that consumers and business owners alike will be affected by:

5 October 2022 – Self-Assessment Tax Registration
You must register with HMRC if you have never submitted a Self Assessment tax return or did not file one the previous year. It is necessary to complete it by 5 October following the conclusion of the tax year, for which you must submit a return. Audiences will be seeking experts that can help provide clarity and guidance in submitting this return.

31 October 2022 – Paper Self-Assessment 
The second self-assessment deadline is 31 October, which is the deadline for paper tax returns.



The coming months are a time when many homeowners spruce up their interiors and carry out home renovations that have long been on the backburner. The reasons for this are plentiful. For some, the goal is to achieve the home they want and to ultimately maximise their enjoyment of day-to-day living, whilst others will look to insulate their interiors, amongst other renovations, to lessen their reliance on central heating.

The Homes and Interiors Checklist is packed with exciting brands that inspire readers to increase the value of their properties. Consumers will be actively sourcing trusted brands, products, and services to assist as they invest heavily in a wide variety of home improvements.

The Checklist also showcases a high-quality selection of products and services for the home including gadgets, interior design ideas, furnishings and accessories, and more.


Family Time

The summer holidays may have wrapped up, and seemingly taken the warm weather along with them, but the responsibilities of family life and parenting never stop.

No matter how big or small the brood, keeping a smiling, happy, and healthy family is the goal for all. However, with each family member possessing their own individual needs, interests and passions, it is by no means an easy feat.

The Family Checklist is a great avenue to reach the aforementioned. Parents and guardians who are seeking to make the best choices available for their family will be sourcing brands to benefit the whole family. This provides scope for brands in several sectors to feature, whether those providing healthy food and drink options, fashion essentials, new mum advice, or family-friendly travel destinations.


More Advertising Opportunities

As well as the economic opportunities mentioned, there is a wide-range of opportunities for brands operating in the Travel, Motoring, Business Green & Ethical, and Education sectors to take advantage of during the month of October. These are national media placements not to be found elsewhere, with our double-page spreads, advertorialsbranded content and competitions placed within national newspapers, magazines and influential digital news platforms to cost-effectively target tightly-defined audiences.


How to be featured

These themes will feature in the following publications: The TimesThe Sunday Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Observer, Mail On Sunday, The i, The Metro, and The Evening Standard, New Scientist, Saturday Guardian Magazine, and The Sunday Times Magazine.

Hurst Media is also partnering with several of the UK’s largest digital news sites including The Times Online, The Sun Online and MailOnline.

To see your company featured in national media, in one of the many trusted media features Hurst is arranging, call 020 3478 6017 or email sales@hurstmediacompany.co.uk

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