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Independent Publishing Company of the Year and Best Team Award Finalists


The Professional Publishing Association has shortlisted Hurst Media Company in two categories of the Independent Publisher Awards: Independent Publishing Company Of The Year and Best Team.

The last 12 months has seen Hurst Media Company launch two new titles: Celebrity Secrets, a bi-monthly consumer magazine and Be Your Own Boss, a quarterly business newspaper supplement. It has also launched a new partnership strategy with The Guardian, The Times, The Evening Standard and The Sun to reach national audiences with theme-specific double-page spread advertorial.

Key to Hurst Media Company’s success to date is a publishing strategy that focuses on accurate timing and clear purpose.

James Hurst, publisher and managing director of Hurst Media Company said, “Every publication is focused around readers’ specific needs and only published when that need is at its peak. Our content proactively pre-empts readers’ needs for high quality advice, guidance, expertise and experience relevant to their lives. Publications, supplements and DPSs provide extra depth to the feature pages and sections of other publishers. The publications always reward readers with a surprise, a bonus and additional value.”

Call 020 3478 6017 or visit hurstmediacompany.co.uk to explore Hurst Media Company’s publications and advertising products.

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