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Hurst Media donates baby essentials to London foodbank

Holly from the Hurst Media team holding Cheeky Panda donations at The Ringcross Community Centre Food Bank (RCFB) in north London.

Staff at Hurst Media visited a north London charity to deliver baby essentials to families in need.

The team donated a selection of eco-friendly Cheeky Panda products to The Ringcross Community Foodbank, which included a supply of bamboo nappies and wipes.

The Ringcross Community Centre Food Bank (RCFB) is a collaboration between Pilon Trust and the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation and is based at the Ringcross Community Centre.

It is an independent foodbank providing emergency food supplies for families and individuals in crisis.

Those joining the foodbank queue receive three days of emergency food. They also have a weekly box delivery programme for any clients who are unable to come to the centre due to disability, the need to shield or illness. ​

RCFB work with local agencies and organisations to identify those needing help to feed themselves and their families. ​The team rely on donations from local residents and organisations for their bank of food.

The foodbank is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 12pm to 4pm. To find out more please call 07707 932761.

The food donations list can be found here.

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