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The economics of New Year’s resolution advertising make sense


Move fast to get your slice of the £3.6 billion spent each year on New Year’s resolutions

63% of UK adults make a New Year’s Resolution each year, and they spent £3.6 billion on their resolutions. That’s why trusted media including The Times, The Sun, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Express and Celebrity Secrets magazine are running New Year’s resolution specific pages curated by Hurst Media this year.

After a time of excess and spending on everyone else in the run up to Christmas, New Year is a time when people enter a self-improvement mindset and turn to spending on their lifestyle – their health, hobbies, travel, relationships, skills, finances, happiness and overall wellbeing. Research shows that resolution makers choose on average three different goals. Many people know the goals they want to achieve, they just don’t know the best way for them to achieve them. Others want to make New Year’s resolutions for themselves but don’t know what they should be. Hurst Media’s New Year’s resolution pages are specifically targeted at consumers that have entered a self-improvement mindset. They are open to receiving information, advice and inspiration to fulfil their personal goals and improve their lifestyle. They are entering an empowering environment where they can communicate face-to-face with service providers at a neutral location to help them to find the right route for them to achieve their goals in the long term.

Print deadlines are looming, so to get your New Year’s resolution offers in The Times, The Sun, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Express.

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