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Experience Countryside Distributed With The Daily Telegraph


Our first title in partnership with Blaze Publishing was published on the 28th May 2016, featuring all the latest ideas and inspirations from the countryside and beyond

This full-colour tabloid, high-quality publication had a print run of 294,000 copies across the south-east of England including London, the Greater London district, the Home Counties and up to Central England targeting the wealthy, influential AB/ABC1 demographic. With an online distribution model going out to a further 105,000 subscribers.

Packed full of interesting features from the great outdoors and the bountiful English countryside, including a guide on how to go shooting without breaking the bank. We give you all the knowhow and tips you will need to enjoy this most British of countryside pursuits.

We also took a look at the hot-button issue of conservation across the UK, go searching for the genes that make the perfect canine companion, and go behind the scenes at famous gin producer, Foxdenton. Plenty to captivate any countryside lover no matter where you are!

Click here to see the e-zine and to find out more.

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