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Consumers searching out non-Covid content

News release

Uplift in Guardian, Times and Sunday Times sales

Consumers look to newspapers for entertainment and education in lockdown

Health, finance and home improvement among most popular topics

Interest in coronavirus has spurred more consumers to consult news media, but many across the board want a diversity of content.

The Guardian saw an 18 per cent uplift in sales, The Times saw an uplift of 10,000 copies per day and Sunday Times 30,000 copies per day at the end of March.

More people are buying newspapers from supermarkets to keep them entertained as well as educated during social distancing.

DeliverMyNewspaper.co.uk has registered 200,000 new customers since social distancing was implemented and will add 26 local papers to its offering.

The Evening Standard is now being delivered to people’s homes in central London, giving consumers far longer to spend with the content than just their evening commute.

See our analysis of the most active sectors below, particularly Health & Wellbeing, Home Improvement & Gardening, Retirement Planning, Finance, Charity Support, Best of British and Arts, Crafts & Collectibles.


Health & Wellbeing


The nation is on a health kick – not just because of Covid-19, but because they’re stuck at home.

The Government guidance which permits leaving the house for exercise is encouraging people to do just that.

Gyms closing due to the current climate has seen an increase in home workouts, something Joe Wicks is capitalising on.

There’s a subsequent rise in sales for fitness equipment and exercise class subscriptions. Supplements, vitamins and wellbeing products and services are in high demand, and the ONS are reporting prices for over the counter medicines rising by 10.7% over the last few weeks.

Perhaps that’s why The Times, The Guardian, Sunday Express, Sunday Mirror, as well as MailOnline and The Sun Online want to distribute our Health Checklists. To be featured email us or call 0203 478 6017.


Home, DIY & Gardens


As consumers are spending more time indoors, not only are they contemplating what their interiors should look like, but they’ve actually got time to put their plans into action.

Three out of five ABC1 consumers have already started DIY jobs around the house since social distancing was implemented, and 66 per cent of them actively want to redecorate – a clear preference for painting the walls rather than climbing them.

Half of ABC1s have become more interested in gardening during this period at home – that’s likely to be spurred on by the good weather predicted for the next 14 days.

We’re supplying The Guardian, The Times, Sunday Mirror and Sunday Express with home improvement and gardening trusted media content. Email us any products and services you’d like to feature or call 0203 478 6017.


Retirement & Planning


Covid-19 is encouraging more people to think about what their life will be like when they get older, as well as helping their older family members to research options to make decisions.

They are updating wills, reviewing their retirement options, and assessing health care and residential living options, as well as their pensions.

The Retirement Planning Checklist will be published in Sunday Mirror, Sunday Express, The Guardian and The Times.

You can still get featured in it by emailing details of what you’d like to promote to retirement@hurstmediacompany.co.uk or call 0203 478 6017.



Best of British


Britain’s experiencing a huge growth in community cohesion, support for neighbours and appreciation of British and local businesses.

Over half of adults are experiencing a sense of belonging with other residents in their local community right now.

The Queen’s message has helped to inspire a Blitz spirit, and neighbours stepping outside their doors to Clap for Carers is bringing many neighbours face-to-face for the first time.

More than 1 in 4 adults have gone shopping or done other tasks for neighbours, over half have checked on neighbours who might need help at least once.

Two thirds think people are doing more to help others and consumers have realised the importance of backing British businesses.

That’s why The Times want us to celebrate the Best Of British services and products in a double page spread. To be included, send info about what you’d like to promote to sales@hurstmediacompany.co.uk or call 0203 478 6017.




Clapping for NHS Carers, championing local heroes, an old man raising £12mn by walking laps around his garden and many other positive stories are inspiring people to participate in causes.

Although charities are seeing an increase in demand for help, that is mirrored by consumers’ huge desire to play a more active part in addressing society’s troubles.

As well as a being a good time for fundraising and registering people for ongoing donations, harnessing the spirit of community action will encourage more people to register as volunteers.

To feature your organisation in the next Charities Checklist in The Times and The Guardian, email charities@hurstmediacompany.co.uk or call 0203 478 6017.



Financial & Legal


Many people are on an economic hiatus, encouraging one in four ABC1s to look at their banking, investments, pensions and the price of utilities.

One in seven ABC1 consumers see the economy as an opportunity, and are currently researching financial products for when social distancing is lifted.

Two of every five ABC1 consumers are currently evaluating their savings, as are one in four C2DEs. 46 per cent of consumers are actively working to save more money and spend less at the moment.

Interest in loans has jumped as well, spurred not only by lack of access to cash, but by interest rate cuts and Government announcements of support via loans.

One in ten 18 to 34 year olds have taken out a loan or credit card in response to social distancing.

To get your company featured in the Financial Checklists published in The Guardian and The Times, email some info about the products and services to financial@hurstmediacompany.co.uk or call 0203 478 6017.


Arts, Crafts & Collecting


Being at home a lot is giving many people time for their hobbies and interests: crafting, collecting and curating.

Kirsty Allsop is on Channel 4 urging people to “Keep Crafting & Carry On” so consumers are taking to knitting, painting, sewing, Embroidery and crochet.

Some are modelling – re-enacting battlefields on tabletops, building railways or making model aeroplanes.

Collectors are indulging in their passions, not just art, antiques, coins and stamps, but vinyl records, comic books, watches, wine and toys.

The main pages of The Times will include a Hobbies, Art & Collectibles double page spread covering businesses, products and services that support people’s pastimes.

To be featured, email sales@hurstmediacompany.co.uk or call 0203 478 6017.

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