Competitions Add Thousands Of Email Addresses To Marketing Databases

Competitions Add Thousands Of Email Addresses To Marketing Databases

From Soda Streams to Stationary, Trikes to Thorpe Park Tickets – You Too Can Win

Competitions are now one of Hurst Media’s most compelling and valuable marketing tactics. By offering a prize in the UK’s trusted media – including The Times, The Guardian, MailOnline, The Telegraph, The Sun and more – advertisers reach millions of people across the UK and typically add thousands of GDPR compliant email addresses of engaged prospective customers to their marketing databases.

“Competitions add an element of play to consumers’ media experience, as well as the added value of the prospect of winning something for free. Products and services offered as prizes within Hurst Media’s full-colour double-page spreads attain a higher perceived value than those simply advertised for sale. Competitions also convey a partnership between a brand and the trusted publications Hurst works with – such as The Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Sun – well as generating high-quality GDPR compliant data from an expressly interested audience,” said publisher and managing director of Hurst Media, James Hurst.

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