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Celebrate Christmas in style with the Times Online and Sun Online

The most extraordinary time of year is almost upon us. As Christmas inches ever closer, the excitement ramps up, our surroundings are transformed into winter wonderlands, and the air feels that little more magical.

If you’re on the lookout for exciting gift ideas, and brands to help you make the festivities and celebrations a massive success, Hurst Media is here to help.

For the very best in gift ideas for the entire family, MailOnline and Sun Online respectively have a selection of 10 incredible gifts for yourself or someone special this festive season. Meanwhile, the Times Online have provided 10 brands to make the holiday go off with a bang.

With these top ideas for Christmas courtesy of MailOnline, Sun Online and Times Online, you’ll be sure to be in the festive mood in no time.



Hurst Media has selected 10 brilliant brands with Sun Online and Times Online that are ideal for Christmas. From gifting ideas and quality kitchenware to delicious food ideas and everything in between, these top companies have everything you need to get through the festive period.


How to have a fabulous yuletide: 10 ways to enjoy an extra-special Christmas break, from gifting to experiences

Christmas Cheer: Top 10 gifts for yourself or someone special this festive season

Christmas crackers: the top 10 brands to make the holiday go off with a bang

The latest Christmas Checklists are delivering hundreds of thousands of page views, all while lending consumers a helping hand to make the Christmas period a roaring success.

The Checklist showcases a selection of high-quality products, services and experiences from incredible gift ideas, Christmas markets and fairs, food and drink ideas, to celebratory tipples and decorations, as well as winter fashion and seasonal travel options. Essentially, there is scope for brands in a host of sectors



Over the coming months, Hurst is helping MailOnline, Sun Online and Times Online to put together even more features. Themes include Health & Wellbeing; Travel; Homes & Gardens; Family; and many more.

The UK’s most influential digital news brands publish feature articles of branded content and short-form advertorials, curated by Hurst Media.

Native content resembles the online publication’s editorial but promotes brands, products and services in persuasive and purposeful ways.

Features build awareness, drive traffic to websites and encourage target audiences to engage with branded content from within editorial environments that they trust.



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Hurst’s Media Consultants will guide you through all advertising avenues currently available, and any upcoming opportunities that would be ideal for your brand. Not to mention, the unique selling points, stats, figures and demographics for the Checklists and national media publications you are interested in.

To view media packs for MailOnline, Sun Online and Times Online, and other digital news sites in a range of themes, have a look here. There are examples of live editions of previous articles that you can browse through too.

If you would like to see your company in any of the trusted media features Hurst is arranging, call 020 3478 6017 or email sales@hurstmediacompany.co.uk

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