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CALIBRE Quarterly Issue 8 Available Now!


CALIBRE Quarterly’s latest issue, featuring the ever-prodigious Brian Blessed in an intimate interview, showcases why we remain the number one magazine for the mature, modern man

In this issue, the larger-than-life Brian Blessed talks about Pavarotti pleading for him to become a singer, reciting his famous lines from Flash Gordon inside the O2 Arena, and punching Doctor Who in the face.

Also in the interview, he declares that a pacemaker will not stop him from descending to the lowest point on Earth – the Marianas Trench – in his eightieth year! Blessed is clearly living proof that youth is no requisite to chasing dreams, and that no one can do larger-than-life like he can.

Speaking of no holding back, we here at CALIBRE are celebrating our second birthday with a bumper 196-page issue. It has been a very successful 24 months and we are going from strength-to-strength, delivering the interviews, knowledge and inspirations that really matter to our readers.

With our unique position in the men’s magazine market, CALIBRE Quarterly continues to build a reputation for high quality, pertinent and topical content.

In this issue we take a trip to Dallas, Texas to observe some American Muscle at the famous Mecum Car Auction, where bidders go hard or go home. It really is an over-the-top event. We also go off the rails across Canada, hiking in the mountains of Austria, and five-star golfing in Sicily.

Elsewhere in the magazine we tell you how to make the most out of your camera on city breaks, whether you have a dSLR, a compact, or simply your mobile phone! Pop maestro, Pete Waterman, talks about his favourite pastime, and our readers’ panel of 12 Angry Men tell us their views on whether ‘political correctness has gone mad’. They discuss its influence on everything from teaching to freedom of expression, before political commentator Toby Young and Vince Cable weigh-in and go head-to-head on the subject!

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