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Hurst Media Company launches its latest product, CALIBRE Luxury.

Following on from the success of CALIBRE, Hurst Media Company is thrilled to have successfully published its latest title for the mature men’s lifestyle market, CALIBRE Luxury.

CALIBRE Luxury serves as an aspirational publication for CALIBRE’s loyal fans and followers (ABC1), but also embraces a new market of high net worth 55+ males (AB).

This sleek, high-quality annual is dedicated to showcasing the best luxury experiences, products and services to the mature man who enjoys the finer things in life. Packed full of striking imagery, original features and high-end advertising partners, our latest title offers plenty of inspiration for the wealthy and discerning mature modern man.

Inside the magazine, we speak to the owners of private islands about the factors that led them to indulging in what is perhaps the ultimate luxury, we take a look inside the British car industry and see how the definition of luxury has changed over the decades, and we also speak to top wealth managers about the financial issues facing High Net Worth individuals in the modern world.

CALIBRE Luxury also serves as a springboard for our inaugural CALIBRE Awards, in which we will shine a spotlight on the best-of-the-best, from luxury cruises to the finest boutique hotels and cultural experiences.

With CALIBRE Luxury, Hurst Media Company has once again found a way for our advertising partners to get their products in front of this lucrative audience.

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