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CALIBRE Leads The Way With Roux


The Times newspaper has featured comments from our exclusive interview with Michel Roux Jnr. proving the ever-increasing influence of the brand

The Times has covered comments from the interview in a diary piece on HRH Prince Harry, directly quoting the insightful Michel Roux Jnr. article: “Michel Roux, youngest of the bubbly cooking dynasty, supports Prince Harry’s calls for the return of conscription. “My army experience was wonderful, he tells CALIBRE magazine. “I can’t understand why it was so frowned upon and stopped,” ran The Times, going on to cover more of Michel’s confessions about the time he worked at the Elysée Palace as François Mitterand came to power.

Following on from The Guardian’s coverage of our Andrew Neil interview, this consistent attention from the national press is testament to the quality, depth and synergy CALIBRE Quarterly has with its coverstars and consumer demographic – showcasing the desire of mature modern men for discerning, quality content catering to their tastes and interests.

To read the full interview with Michel Roux Jnr. look no further than the latest issue of CALIBRE Quarterly on sale now.

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