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CALIBRE Goes Global With Brian Blessed and Doctor Who


Despite turning down the role over 50 years ago, Brian Blessed, now fancies a crack at the controls of the TARDIS

We were not finished when it came to getting the juiciest tales out of this month’s cover star, Brian Blessed. We achieved worldwide coverage from newspapers across the UK, Ireland and even as far-flung as Canada, when Brian Blessed revealed he would not mind becoming the next Doctor Who


Mr Blessed has already appeared in an episode of Doctor Who back in 1986 and even though he is now the grand old age of 79, that has not stopped him from throwing his hat into the ring to become the new Doctor Who, should Peter Capaldi decide to leave the series. When we asked Brian if he would be interested in playing the titular Doctor, he said: “I would love to play the Doctor, absolutely.”

This sent the nation’s gossip columnists into a tiswas and before too long the story was running on popular websites such as the Metro, The Inquisitr and the Radio Times. All this in addition to coverage from major UK national newspapers such as The Daily Mirror and the immensely popular MSN News website which attracts 677 million unique visitors a month.

This mass coverage shows that we know how to get the exclusive interviews and features that will engage and excite our readers as well as a wider, global, audience.

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