CALIBRE Gets The Scoop


The Guardian featured CALIBRE Quarterly recently in a comment article reflecting on the opinions of Andrew Neil from our interview

Roy Greenslade, the former editor of the Daily Mirror, responds to Andrew’s observations about the changing role of mainstream media and its impact on the political landscape.

The feature was picked up by The Guardian from CALIBRE’s Facebook page, demonstrating how CALIBRE’s presence within the wider press is growing. Though the core readership are not so reliant on social media channels as many today, the flurry of new followers and attention CALIBRE received proves the wide appeal of the magazine and the desire of modern men for quality content catering for their tastes and interests.

Hurst Media are proud to produce CALIBRE and have an impact on the contemporary market. We have always maintained that the core 50+ male demographic we are targeting with CALIBRE are a discerning and influential segment of the population, so often overlooked by mainstream media. It’s great to see other publications sitting up and taking notice as CALIBRE continues to ripple the pond among readers and pundits alike.

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