CALIBRE #13 On Sale Now!


Ben Fogle gets candid in our third bi-monthly issue of CALIBRE

CALIBRE issue 13 on sale now!

The thirteenth issue of CALIBRE hits newsstands today and represents the third edition of our bi-monthly schedule, showcasing more of the lifestyle features, competitions and inspirations our readers know and love.

The cover story this issue is the adventurer, naturalist, presenter, Labrador & Land Rover lover, Ben Fogle. Perhaps best known for his television work, Fogle has completed more heroic challenges than most, rowing across the Atlantic, scaling mountains, racing to the South Pole and competing in marathons across the world – including the gruelling six-day Marathon des Sables across 160 miles of Saharan Desert. After all this, however, he says the greatest adventure of all is being a dad.

Elsewhere in this issue, we go racing with Ginetta Motorsports and drive (and get driven) around the famous Brands Hatch circuit. An exciting experience not to be missed!

Continuing this ‘manly inspirations’ theme we talk to both Pete Thompson and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the former completed 44 marathons in 44 days for charity and the latter, well, he should need no introduction as the first man to sail solo around the planet – and at 78 he’s still going strong!

In our new Pub Philosophy feature, we hit the streets to find out the public’s opinion on the big issues of the day, this time Brexit: One year on. How is it really all going to pan out? Some varied responses lead to a thought provoking article.

So, all in all, another jam-packed and exciting issue, cementing our place as the leading lifestyle magazine for the mature, modern man.

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