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National Newspapers Adopting Hurst Media’s New Promotional Content Strategy




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National Newspapers Adopting Hurst Media’s New Promotional Content Strategy

Hurst Media to focus on publishing positive content in trusted media

The Times, Guardian, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Mirror, Metro, Express, London

Evening Standard, and The Sun are now placing promotional content published by Hurst Media – the UK’s trusted media partner – within their national newspapers. The MailOnline will also be placing Hurst Media’s promotional features within relevant sections of its website.

In a departure from its legacy supplement business, Hurst Media is now focused on publishing innovative, positive content in partnership with media titles, celebrities and influencers that consumers trust.

Checklists, the first of Hurst Media’s new promotional content products, are curations of short-form advice and recommendations into theme-relevant double-page spreads published within the features pages of national newspapers.  Hurst is currently taking bookings for inclusion in Checklists about health & well-being, motoring, gadgets & tech, financial services, Christmas and New Year’s resolutions.

“Third-party supplements are now old hat: they’re too susceptible to being discarded as “bumbpf”; the advertising to editorial ratio is far too low; and they simply don’t receive the same level of engagement when compared to the main pages of a national paper. Moreover, the market for such supplements has been ruined because too many third party publishers have been over promising nationwide circulations which advertisers rarely if ever receive. Brands can use Hurst Media’s Checklists to cost-effectively reach customers nationwide. Advertisers don’t even need print ready advertising copy. They can simply provide the marketing messages which Hurst Media will purpose for the relevant Checklist,” said James Hurst, Publisher and Managing Director of Hurst Media Company.

“When brands tell their story from within the authoritative editorial environments of trusted media – such as established newspapers and websites, celebrities and online influencers – they attain far higher engagement with their target readerships. The promotional features also provide extra depth to each media title’s feature pages and sections, rewarding readers with a surprise, a bonus and additional value. By working in partnership with both the trusted media and brands, we identify the specific needs and interests of each readership. However, we only publish Checklists when those needs and interests are at their peak. Readers get the advice and recommendations they want at the optimum time. Brands get the widest possible relevant readership for a sustainable price.”

More information at www.hurstmediacompany.co.uk

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