You’ve worked hard to build up an impressive subscriber list. And you are about to contact them with a special offer you are sure that will be well-received. But the thing many brands fail to fully realise is that a well-thought-out email is just as important as the promotion on offer.

Whether you’ve run a competition or are simply keen to reward your subscriber list with a fantastic offer, a carefully crafted post-campaign promotion can make all the difference. From grabbing your subscriber’s attention with a striking subject line, to offering them a deal that is simply too good to refuse, a well-crafted offer can make them feel part of your brand’s wider family, and potentially become customers for life.

By following these steps, you will not only increase the possibility of effectively selling your brand to subscribers, but these subscribers could also become valued customers for life.

Write an Engaging Subject Line
  • The best practice is to keep the subject line to nine words, and 55-60 characters.
  • Avoid vague and washy subject lines that offer little clarity on the product/service being offered. If possible, keep it to one sentence.
  • Make clear to the individual the product/service that is the subject of the email, and the special offer/exclusive discount available to them. Including a numerical discount can help to catch their eye.
  • Make it personal: include the prospect’s name, a short question, or an idea about something specific to their needs.
  • If using special characters, including question marks, hyphens, semi colons, the best practice is to limit it to one.
Email Preview Text
  • Preview text is the bit of text below or next to an email’s subject line in the inbox and gives extra insight into the email’s content. It’s an opportunity to help support the subject line and connect with your subscribers
  • Adding teasers to your email’s content in your preview text can also increase your subscriber’s engagement, for example: “Hi *insert name*, we hope you enjoy this exclusive discount on *insert product/service*!”
  • The preview text has the capacity to be the subject line’s best friend. Use it to explain the subject line in more detail, hype up your product and raise anticipation for when the reader opens the email.
  • With the fact there is more space to play with in the preview text, now is a good time to use personalization, and to include discount figures and percentages.
Hook them in with a non-generic introduction/opening line
  • The next step is to grab their interest and curiosity further.
  • Now is a great time to include a picture or animated picture/gif of the product. Make it the first thing they see. It could show the product or showcase the different features of the product – it could be an unboxing, or pictures of the product from different angles. The recipient gets a closer look at the product so they can get a better feel about its look, style, and quality.
  • Avoid “Hi, my name is, and you recently entered this competition” … Rather, go for a more upbeat and enthusiastic introductory tone. “We love that you recently entered the following competition and because of that, we want to share with you an exclusive offer. My name is *insert name* from *insert company*” …
Body of the email
  • Within the main body of the email, now is the time to explain your organization/brand, its background, and the numerous reasons your brand is a trusted voice in its respective sector.
  • Break down and explain the product, its numerous features, its unique selling point, and why it is worth their investment. This could be with another picture or animated picture/gif of the product, as mentioned in the previous step.
  • Endorsements can often sway an individual to make a purchase.
  • Include one to two one liner testimonial quotes from previous users of your product/service, preferably from those who mentioned how the product/service helped to solve issues they had; other individuals can relate to this. Limit this to one-two sentences.
Include the offer/discount and clear CTA
  • The discount code should be exclusive to this campaign. Make clear the special discount/code that is available to them, and that it is exclusive to subscribers such as themselves. Make them feel part of an exclusive group.
  • Create a sense of urgency – it is an offer that is available for a limited period, so they should take it up sooner rather than later.
  • The CTA button should take them to the web page of the product/service of the competition they entered. The landing page should match their expectations.
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