Five Samuel Groves Tri-Ply Sauté Pans to be won – each worth over £70!

Enjoy cooking for life with a top quality British-made stainless-steel tri-ply pan from Samuel Groves. Handsome on the hob, these brushed stainless-steel tri pans are unashamedly the heaviest and sturdiest on the market. Their solid, thermally-efficient tri-ply body works effortlessly on all hob types or in the oven, ensuring the most even cooking surface throughout the pan body. It heats and cools rapidly too.

There are five prizes of a Samuel Groves tri-ply sauté pan to be won, each worth over £70. Simply enter below to win one of these fantastic prizes, made in the UK. Check out the accompanying pans in the collection by visiting the website.

Make many a happy memory in the kitchen by choosing Samuel Groves pans. With their lifetime guarantee, they will provide years of good service.

Discover more about this British Cookware manufacturer at or call 0121 764 6400.

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